We believe Engineers working for Mobile Operators, Managed Service Providers, and Regulators need detailed information on Network KPIs, Traffic Location, Customer Experience, and Problem Root Causes. This information must be in a user friendly format and delivered with fast access. Engineers need an Expert View to the network.

OptXview combines Engineering Network expertise together with Sofware/Hardware development knowledge to provide a platform for network Optimisation and Performance Management.

We believe the following is true:

  • Speed is paramount in a software
  • Several Engineers feel currently frustrated with their available tools
  • Smart software can replace administrative work and give Engineers more time for advanced tasks
  • Combining various data sources together with Machine Learning enables Engineers to visualise the network in revolutionary ways


  • Import virtually any Operator data into a single database
  • Correlate the operator OSS / Trace data / etc in a meaningful way (on a Web based system in one easy-to-use GUI)
  • Deploy Performance Management software in a short time (enabled by generic processes and existing libraries)
  • Provide “Expert View” software features to Engineers for visualisation and analysis
  • Provide features for ADJ and configuration management automation
  • Use Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics for Root Cause Analysis


    • Trouble shooting efficiency increase by 100% across Operations – Planning – Implementation – Optimisation – Configuration teams
    • Improved Quality of Service through accelerated troubleshooting and ability to fix previously undetected problems
    • Reduction of time consuming and costly Drive Testing
    • Avoidance of mainenance investments in legacy tools
    • Ability to efficiently gather knowledge and hands-on experience for improving network quality further by defining advanced optimisation methods


How our solutions are built:

We base our development in Engineers with combined knowledge on Optimisation/Performance Management and software design. Understanding the user needs is the key when building a software with value to users.

User Interface and application responsiveness determine the utilization rate of a software. We maximise our software speed by combining special hardware with optimised databases where query speed is monitored by an administrator. 95% of all queries in our Database are executed in less than half a second. It ensures that Users remain motivated to their tasks and their concentration does not «drift away». We are especially proud of our map UI which can visualise any source data on Googlemaps in milliseconds.

Common problem: «Usage of legacy individual specific tools means that Users will end up with high amount of manual work». Our software is therefore designed in a way which enables Users to work on a single platform removing the need for manual data manipulation. We assume the number of available data sources will increase in the future and therefore the system must be able to take in almost any data and easily correlate it with existing data.

Our Software includes

  • A platform where virtually any data can be added
  • Monitoring and Reporting module for various KPIs from different data sources
  • Analyser module for expert troubleshooting
  • Problem Detection / Fixing algorithms
  • Visualisation of data on map (Geo-Location)
  • Correlation module for automated Root Cause Analysis

Please contact us:

OptXview AG, Fellenrütistrasse 106, 6390 Engelberg, Switzerland
info@optxview.com, Tel: +41 (0) 78 844 2069